Recently I have completed my LSS Green Belt online course. I found the journey was very intuitive, well designed and structured course. The course is also suitable for beginners who have special interest in LSS. The online course had Minitab Files (MTB), which is a statistical analysis software. This was a very useful automated statistical data analysis tool and user friendly. I would recommend this online course, as it is practical and flexible for those who have a busy schedule

Jag RandhawaMedical Representative, Sanofi Pharmaceutical Company - Perth, Australia

Attended a great learning event on Lean Six-Sigma (LSS) yesterday, delivered by Dr. Satnam Singh Budwal who recently moved to South Australia. Dramatic improvements can be made in processes in ANY industry using LSS. Our (service industry) simulation delivered reduction in cycle time from 7 minutes to well-under a minute, eliminated all process errors and defects, and turned a $100k loss into a $90k profit! AND without job losses! The simulation effectively created capacity to DOUBLE OUTPUT or redirect resources towards INNOVATING new processes, products or services. Those seeking significant business growth/change might be wise to consider Lean Six Sigma as an improvement vehicle.

Amanda WoodDirector, Advanced Manufacturing, (Dept Industry, Innovation and Science) – Australia